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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Optin Pressor Replaced Same Old Squeeze Page

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Well, they show proof and it can't be denied. Optin Pressor Grab Active Facebook Subscribers

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Here is what Optin Pressor WordPress Plugin claims it does:


> Grab Active Facebook User. People trust Facebook and the name alone lends you credibility.You get their Official Facebook Email Address That They Actually Check Every Day

> Boost Verified Gmail List. Gmail can be considered more worth than another email. Optin Pressor allows you to use “Google Connect” technology to get higher Gmail list!

> Make Wall Post On Opt-in. NEW! Make a wall post on opt in. It's done automatically when they opt in to receive your free gift! FB wall post consist picture, URL, and description.

> Takes Seconds To Activate. Just activate it, insert your Facebook ID and Google ID, then specify your "Autoresponder HTML form". Finally, grab your Optin Pressor form. Done!

> Support Universal Pages… Works super easy on Wordpress page or any HTML page since it is an iFrame plugin. This means you can begin using it anywhere you like!

That is pretty impressive indeed. And it seems to work. Facebook Connect Optin is very important now

In fact, Installation Is Very Simple. Just like other plugin. Optin Pressor has a very user friendly interface. This means you can install it & begin using it in seconds & as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Why Use Optin Pressor? And Guess What...

You don't need to learn any code...
You don't need to write any scripts...
Guarantees You To Receive An Active Verified Email...
Enable One Press Opt-In On Your Profitable Website...
Boost Conversion And Sales Dramatically...

Now Optin Pressor Offer %50 OFF price promotion with you today!

As you can see, the plugin works by one click optin on your profitable website. Don't miss this opportunity to increase your optin conversion rate overnight.

So click the link below to see how it works and get your own %50 OFF price promotion today!

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